PRISM Quartet

Since joining the PRISM Quartet in 2007 as the ensemble’s alto saxophonist, PRISM has released over a dozen recordings and held residencies at top music institutions worldwide. For more information, visit

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“Arguably the preeminent saxophone ensemble of its kind currently active in the United States...PRISM has presided over what future music history textbooks might just look back on as a golden era for the sax quartet medium. ”


TRAILER: The Book of Days (2015) by Uri Caine (b. 1956)

Uri Caine, piano

PRISM Quartet

Zachary Shemon, soprano saxophone

Robert Young,* alto saxophone

Matthew Levy, tenor saxophone

Taimur Sullivan, baritone saxophone

*Appearing in place of PRISM Quartet member Timothy McAllister

Record Label/ Catalogue Number: XAS 106

Release Date: January 18, 2019


PRISM Quartet with Sō Percussion and Partch Music for Saxophones, Percussion and Harry Partch Instruments

Blue Notes and Other Clashes (2016) by Steven Mackey (b. 1956) PRISM Quartet and Sō Percussion

Future Lilacs (2016) by Ken Ueno (b. 1970) PRISM Quartet, Partch, Derek Johnson, Stratis Minakakis

Skiagrafies (2016) by Stratis Minakakis (b. 1979) PRISM Quartet, Partch, Stratis Minakakis

Guest Artists: Sō Percussion; Partch; Derek Johnson, adapted electric guitar; Stratis Minakakis, conductor

Record Label / Catalogue Number: XAS 102

Distributed worldwide by Naxos

Release Date: April 14, 2017

Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

Short Stories by Jennifer Higdon

PRISM Quartet

The Curtis Project

℗ 2016 XAS Records

Released on: 2016-04-29

TRAILER: Ba Yin (The Eight Sounds) (2001/2015) by Chen Yi (b. 1953)

PRISM Quartet

Timothy McAllister, soprano saxophone

Zachary Shemon, alto saxophone

Matthew Levy, tenor saxophone

Taimur Sullivan, baritone saxophone

Conservatory Wind Symphony, University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance, conducted by Steven D. Davis

Record Label/ Catalogue Number: XAS 105

Release Date: January 18, 2019


The record and concert are dedicated to the memory of Lee Hyla (1952-2014), a dearly missed friend whose beautiful saxophone quartet, Paradigm Lost, forms the title track. The recording features all-world premiere recordings of PRISM commissions by many of the nation’s most prominent composers. In his liner notes for the album, WNYC’s John Schaefer writes, “If it is possible for a group with over three decades of pioneering work to reintroduce itself, then that’s what Paradigm Lost does for the PRISM Quartet. After a string of important and boundary-busting releases on Innova, ECM, and many other contemporary music labels, this collection firmly establishes PRISM’s own XAS label, and offers a kind of “State of the Union” address for the saxophone quartet. Here are works that demonstrate the various ways of building a repertoire: through commissioned works, transcriptions, arrangements, and multi-media work.” This video features an excerpt from Compass, South by David Rakowski.